​The Scent Of A Room Determines Its Ambiance

​The Scent Of A Room Determines Its Ambiance

Posted by ApFragrance.com on 23rd Jun 2016

Science has determined that there is no greater sense that a human being has for memory recall than the sense of smell. Just a whiff can bring back visions of our first high school crush, the first spring morning, or the time we vacationed by the beach. What it also does is affects our mood and creates emotions within us that we are usually completely unaware.

Some scents are meant to excite, calm, relax or even put us in a romantic mood, and it isn’t just a sales pitch. Natural odors put our sensory system on high alert at times, or can bring us down when we need something to erase away a long day at the office. If you want your home to be a haven and a place where people will be welcomed and invited, or to have a space that will help relieve tension, creating an odiferous ambiance is extremely important.

Because each room has a different function and purpose, it makes sense to alter the fragrances around your home. Add natural lavender scents in those places where you want inhabitants to find peace and serenity. In areas like your workout room, you may want to consider something like peppermint, to enhance your adrenal glands and to give you that extra boost of energy.

Finally, for those areas like the bedroom where you may want to add a little “spice” try adding basil home fragrances. Traditionally associated with food, there is a reason that Italy is the land of love. Basil has properties that bring out your sensuality and enhances your libido. Nature is a miraculous thing, it uses scents to signal the body to feel certain emotions. When choosing the room fragrances for your home, put thought into what type of feel you want to give a space and how you want your home to make those who visit or live there, feel. Our lin of essential oils can create the exact mood you need when you need it.