​Entertaining Involves Having An Inviting Home

​Entertaining Involves Having An Inviting Home

Posted by ApFragrance.com on 23rd Jul 2016

Have you ever walked into someone’s home for dinner and it smells so amazing that you can’t wait to see what's for dinner? Whether you are having a dinner party, or just a friend stop by for coffee, don’t you want to make sure that you create a home that shows off your personality and is welcoming to your guests?

A lot of other air fresheners on the market can be overpowering and do exactly the reverse of what they were designed to do. No one wants to walk into a home that smells like tropical breeze, so overpowering you would swear you were in a tanning salon. To create an inviting scent you want to use essential oils to set the tone, the mood and the ambiance for your guests.

Essential oils are all about taking naturally occurring scents from the outdoors and bringing them inside. The scent of your home can set the mood for the type of occasion you are having.

For a luau, try using scents like sea salt, inspiring odors of the ocean. If you want to have a home-cooked Italian flare, basil will not only make your home smell fabulous; it will make the night magical and filled with amore. If you are having a work function and want to get everyone in a creative and energetic mood, use scents such as ginger and peppermint. It will help them with a jolt of energy while also creating an atmosphere to focus.

The most powerfully inspiring sense that we have as human beings is the sense of smell. If you want to create an ambiance that is inviting or set the theme for your special gathering, be creative and use essential oils to enhance the setting. Catapulting people into a fantasy land within the confines of your home, essential oil home fragrances can create the suspension of disbelief to make your get-together unforgettable.