Don't Try to Make Something Less By Adding More

Don't Try to Make Something Less By Adding More

Posted by on 23rd Apr 2016

Have you ever been making something for dinner and overdo a taste? What is the natural reaction? What you try to do is save it by adding something more. That never does the trick, and by the time you are done, you are dealing with throwing the entire thing out to start over.

Air fresheners are similar. When something in your home smells your natural reaction is to take a hefty scented air spray and mask it. What you end up doing is saturating everything and making it miserable and heavy.

The key to any good air freshener is not what it adds to the air, but what it removes. If you have an odorous part of your home, then you want to take the odor out not try to drown it with something overpowering.

Our home fragrances are based on the concept that less is more. We understand that you can’t undo something that is too much by adding more. Using natural scents, herbs and enhancing fragrances, our products do more than try to hide bad odors; they erase them altogether.

Different from other types of air fresheners we aren’t about spraying heavy chemicals into the air to make their way between the particles that are causing the problem. They work by eradicating the smell and replacing it instead of competing with it. If it sounds confusing, it really isn’t. It is all about taking things that you love from the environment and using them to make your home fresh, inviting and lovely.

Just like the breath of fresh air when you walk outside, we have bottled our fragrances with essential oils from the outdoors to make your home, or any environment, smell natural, beautiful and healthy. Our aim is not to flood bad odors with overpowering ones but to replace them with those miraculous scents that make us feel happy, healthy and welcome.