​Do You Know What You Are Spraying In Your Home?

​Do You Know What You Are Spraying In Your Home?

Posted by ApFragrance.com on 19th May 2016

Everyone wants their home to smell fresh and inviting, but not at the expense of your family’s health. Many air fresheners designed for the home contain harmful and harsh chemicals that may smell good but are not good for you. Air fresheners work specifically by becoming airborne, so using ones that are unnatural and chalked full of chemicals does nothing but fill the air your loved ones breathe with contaminants.

Essential oil home fragrances are different from manufactured ones. Everything in nature is made from unique and essential oils. It is those oils that give off various scents. It truly is miraculous how everything in nature is created to have a purpose and a definite smell.

Essential oils are an excellent way of taking the exotic and fantastical beauty of the natural world around us and bringing them indoors. Not in the same overpowering and “fake” way that most industrial home fragrances do, our products take the essence of the natural fragrances around us and create a particular atmosphere of your home.

Human beings were given the sense of smell to warn us of things, be attracted to things and even to fall in love. You can’t imitate those types of miracles using chemicals in a laboratory. Worse yet, it doesn’t make much sense to spray chemicals in your home to make them smell fresh and clean that are linked to carcinogens and other harmful contaminants.

Nature created scents for our survival, doesn’t it make sense to use them the way that nature intended, in their pure form? Use natural essential oil home and room fragrances to bring the miracles of nature into your dwelling spaces. Taking from the real essence of what creates life around us, they can set and enhance any mood that you are looking to imitate in your living spaces.