​6 Masculine Scents You’ll Love

​6 Masculine Scents You’ll Love

Posted by ApFragrance.com on 13th Aug 2016

Who says indoor fragrance is just for women? When you think “air fresheners,” you probably think of delicate or sweet scents with a distinctively feminine vibe: fruity cherry or citrus, or flowery rose and lavender reminiscent of a lady’s perfume.

If you thought home fragrances were too “girly” for your tastes, think again. These X masculine scents are rich, powerful, yet subtle, worthy of distinguished gentlemen with great taste in colognes.

1) Bachelor

It’s in the name: this is a powerfully masculine fragrance, inspired by Georgio Armani’s Acqua Di Gio. Woody mahogany tones meet with rich musk and spicy patchouli, creating a deeply complex scent profile.

2) Men’s Club

Inspired by CK One by Calvin Klein, this smell is clean and refreshing. Herbal, earthy notes of green tea, bergamot, and cardamom blend with a touch of tropical fruit for a fragrance that’s summery but not overly saccharine.

3) Northern Pine

Perfect for chilly winter days, Northern Pine channels the woodsy earth scents of the conifer forests of the Pacific Northwest. Balsam and aromatic cedar combine with sweet juniper berry to create a fragrance perfect for your inner outdoorsman.

4) Sweet Grass

Who doesn’t love the clean yet earthy smell of freshly cut grass? Sweet Grass exudes a subtly lemony nuance coupled with fresh leafy scents, capturing the fragrance of a sunny afternoon after a hard day working out in the yard.

5) Ocean

If you find yourself missing the cool ocean breeze, this scent brings summer on the seaside right into your home. Calming green tea and subtle, musky white florals combine with sea salt, making your inland home smell like an oceanfront getaway.

6) Evergreen

Perfect for snowy winter nights, Evergreen captures the fresh scent of freshly cut pine trees. A cornucopia of conifers scents combine into one seasonal fragrance, including white pine, blue spruce, hemlock, and red cedar.