​6 Fresh Scents for Summer

​6 Fresh Scents for Summer

Posted by ApFragrance.com on 13th Aug 2016

It’s still summer outside, and with the oppressive August heat and humidity, you’ll probably be spending more time indoors than you’d like. Why not freshen up your home with refreshing fragrances that bring the best parts of summer right into your air conditioned rooms? Fruity scents and citrus tones create a light, summery ambience that’s as seasonal as a tall, cold glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade. Try out these three fresh fragrances to breathe some life into stale indoor air.

1) Lime Blossom

Bring up memories of exotic beaches, frozen margaritas, and tropical fruits with the fresh, tangy scent of green limes. This cool, soothing citrus scent creates a calm atmosphere with a zesty twist.

2) Tangy Citrus

Maybe the fresh smell of Florida orange groves is more your thing. Tangy Citrus is an indoor fragrance that blends multiple citrus scents, with undertones of lemon, citron, and oranges fresh from the orchard.

3) Tarte au Citron

You don’t have to bake delicious lemon pies to get the scent of fresh-baked citrus goodness to permeate your home. Tarte au Citron blends lemon notes with the smells of your grandmother’s freshly baked pies, creating an irresistible and mouthwatering fragrance. Careful-- your guests might ask you for a slice!

4) Lemon Blossom

Fruity and floral, the delicate scent of Lemon Blossom is inspired by citrus orchards at the height of spring. Sweet summer lemons blend with subtle floral notes for an irresistibly sweet fragrance.

5) Cotton Fresh Breeze

Looking for something less sugary-sweet, with fresh clean notes like brand new linens? This breezy, subtle scent adds a touch of freshness, without overwhelming the senses.

6) Georgia Peach

Here’s something a little different: the rich, satisfying scent of farm-fresh Georgia peaches. Designed to mimic the smell of a fresh slice of peach, this fragrance calls forth images of the Deep South at the height of summer.