​4 Ways to Get Rid of Pet Odor in Your Home

​4 Ways to Get Rid of Pet Odor in Your Home

Posted by ApFragrance.com on 13th Aug 2016

If you own dogs, cats, ferrets, or other more unusual pets, your furry or feathered little friends are a source of joy in your life. But when you have animals in your home, it’s hard to avoid the odors that come with them. Whether you’re dealing with perpetual cat litter smell, or your golden retriever has a body odor problem, odor issues are something all pet owners deal with.

Fortunately for you, there are ways to eliminate unpleasant smells, leaving your home smelling and feeling clean and fresh year round. Here are some of the best ways to get rid of pet odor for good.

1) Baking soda is your friend.

Baking soda is known for its impressive ability to absorb even the toughest odors. Leaving an open box or dish of baking soda in a discrete location on a countertop or end table can go a long way toward fixing your pet odor problem. For fabrics and carpet, sprinkle a little bit before vacuuming.

2) Change your air filters regularly.

Trapped pet dander in your HVAC filters can contribute to stubborn odors. The circulating air spreads the smell all over your house, making it difficult to escape. Heating and cooling experts recommend using a HEPA filtration system for extra air purification. Filters should be cleaned or replaced on a monthly basis.

3) Wash pet toys in the washing machine, if possible.

Your dog’s favorite tennis ball can become a veritable stink bomb. Many pet toys can be washed in a washing machine, or at least hand washed in the sink with plenty of soap, to remove saliva and accompanying odors.

4) Use subtle, pleasant home fragrances.

Removing pet odor is better than masking it, but it always helps to add a touch of fresh, appealing scent to your home. Whether you love the exotic scent of Donna Karan Cashmere perfume, the sweet fruity fragrance of citrus fruit, or the simple clean smell of Fresh Linen, your perfect scent is out there. At AP Fragrance, we provide a range of safe, natural fragrance sprays in a wide range of timeless and seasonal scents. Visit our shop to find the right fit for your home.