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How a Simple Scent Brings Back the Best Memories

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Taking a whiff of a certain scent, like pumpkin bread baking in the oven, can instantly transport you back to your childhood — a time when life was likely much easier. Ever wonder why certain scents make you feel nostalgic? There's actually a scientific reason for it. A new study published in the journal Cerebral Cortex found that your brain actually plays a pivotal role in the relationship between odors and nostalgia by logging scents in the part of your brain responsible for making long-term memories. This is why certain scents can whisk you away to another point in time, and make you wish you were actually there.

Ok, so take for instance the much-loved pumpkin spice fragrance. The findings of the study might provide some insight into why everyone loves it so much. "From an emotional standpoint, pumpkin spice evokes the comfort of a cozy kitchen and good things baking in the oven," Eliza Cross, author of the Pumpkin it Up! cookbook. "More than any other flavor, I think pumpkin spice encompasses the sweet comfort of being home. "This is why certain scents can whisk you away to another point in time, and make you wish you were actually there!

Pumpkin Spice room fragrance, by Your Season, is one of those transporting fragrances that will bring you back to your childhood.  Try some today and let the memories rush back in or maybe make new memories of your own!


Picture yourself reclining on a chaise lounge at the beach ... warm rays of the sun beating down on you, a gentle breeze blowing through your hair, the sound of waves hitting the shore and the smell of the tropics filling your senses. You surrender to complete and total relaxation, not a care or worry to be found. Was it [...]

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Treat Yourself to a Spa Day at Home

Instead of heading out to an expensive salon, save a bundle by creating your own Spa Day at home with these simple steps.First things first…. Set the mood! Aromatherapy and fragrances play an important roll in a spa’s overall ambiance. At AP Fragrance, we suggest trying any of these 4 SPA room fragrances to help create your home spa, aromatherapy [...]

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​Holiday Décor … don’t forget the Home Fragrance!

It’s that special time of year when family and friends often get together. Many of us like to decorate our homes to celebrate the season. This year, remember to add a “Holiday Home Fragrance” into your decor. Choose a holiday scent that will bring out your very own holiday spirit the moment you open the [...]

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​Signature Spa - Infuse your Home or Office with This Delicate, Earthy Fragrance

Sitting in a spa, experiencing long hours of continuous delicate scents should be one of the most rewarding, soothing experiences. But on the flipside, they can be expensive and traveled to every time. Now with Signature Spa you don’t have to travel to a spa every time you need to relax into a delightful experience. The complex experience of [...]

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​7 Great Home Fragrances for Fall

We’re well into October now, and it’s definitely fall. The leaves are changing and falling, the air’s getting cooler, and it’s the perfect time to change out your room fragrance for something more seasonal. If your home still smells like an ocean breeze or summery florals, try these seven amazing home fragrances designed for autumn.1) Fall ForestThe smells of cinnamon apples [...]

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​Fill Your Home with the Fragrance of Fall with These 6 Autumn Scents

It may still be late summer, but fall is just around the corner. As the season changes, temperatures cool down, and the leaves start showing their colors, it’s time to transition your home’s atmosphere from tropical summer to a calming seasonal ambience. At AP Fragrance, we’ve created a range of creative, appealing seasonal scents that are perfect for cool autumn [...]

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​6 Fresh Scents for Summer

It’s still summer outside, and with the oppressive August heat and humidity, you’ll probably be spending more time indoors than you’d like. Why not freshen up your home with refreshing fragrances that bring the best parts of summer right into your air conditioned rooms? Fruity scents and citrus tones create a light, summery ambience that’s as seasonal as a tall, [...]

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​4 Ways to Get Rid of Pet Odor in Your Home

If you own dogs, cats, ferrets, or other more unusual pets, your furry or feathered little friends are a source of joy in your life. But when you have animals in your home, it’s hard to avoid the odors that come with them. Whether you’re dealing with perpetual cat litter smell, or your golden retriever has a body odor problem, [...]

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​6 Masculine Scents You’ll Love

Who says indoor fragrance is just for women? When you think “air fresheners,” you probably think of delicate or sweet scents with a distinctively feminine vibe: fruity cherry or citrus, or flowery rose and lavender reminiscent of a lady’s perfume.If you thought home fragrances were too “girly” for your tastes, think again. These X masculine scents are rich, powerful, yet subtle, [...]

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