About Us

A PURE AND SIMPLE idea arose from thirty-five years of experience in the manufacturing of health and beauty products.

AP Fragrance is a family owned and operated business which originated in the beautiful, New England town of Foxboro, Massachusetts.  In 2004, we started our company by developing impeccable designer room fragrances.  As our business began to grow, we added extraordinary fragrances to our line.  Today we have over 100 unique scents that will transform your home or office into any atmosphere that you desire, instantly.

Our primary focus is to bring natures freshness inside using clean and pure scents.  All of our room sprays contain a high concentration of essential oils, comparable in quality to famous designer fragrances.

We are proud to say that we never test our products on animals and that all of our products are made in the U.S.A.

Unique, clean packaging.  High quality. Splendid aromas. Superior Service.
We just love what we do.

Jeff and Holly Skaff