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DREAMING OF THE TROPICS?Picture yourself reclining on a chaise lounge at the beach ... warm rays of the sun beating down on you, a gentle breeze blowing through your hair, the sound of waves hitting the shore and the smell of the tropics filling your senses. You surrender to complete and total relaxation, not a care or worry to be found. Was it a quick getaway to the islands you are remembering? A two-week stay at a luxurious resort? Memories of a treasured honeymoon? It doesn’t matter what it was, all that matters is the feeling you had while you were there. Shucking the constraints of the everyday grind and easing into the carefree rhythms of the islands. Wouldn’t it be amazing if this feeling could be bottled and brought home with you?

For just the fraction of the cost of an exotic holiday, you can recapture that feeling of serenity with just the touch of a finger. Let the enticing fragrances of Advanced Products bring you back. The designers at AP Fragrance have succeeded in capturing that sense of tranquility and putting it in a bottle. We’re not talking about the manufactured smells of an air freshener you buy at the grocery store here. We’re talking about fragrances made with essential oils. Essential oils are natural oils that are found in plants and flowers, which give them their distinctive smell. AP Fragrance has managed to marry these essential oils in such a way to create unique aromas that carry the exact characteristics of the natural habitat from which they were taken. One spray of “Pineapple” and you can almost feel the juice dripping down your chin as you bite into a slice. “Paradise Mango” will have you pulling out the blender to recreate the delicious daiquiri you sipped while sitting poolside. You can almost feel the sand between your toes with the scents of island citrus, coconut and jasmine in “Tropical Sands”. Though the rain or snow may be falling outside your window, the sun is always shining when you spray a little AP FragranceIsland Coconut” around the room.

So put your feet up, queue up some Reggae on your phone, and give a spray of AP Fragrance’s Tahiti” with its fusion of coconut, tropical fruits and vanilla rum you will immediately regain that island bliss!