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​The Scent Of A Room Determines Its Ambiance

Science has determined that there is no greater sense that a human being has for memory recall than the sense of smell. Just a whiff can bring back visions of our first high school crush, the first spring morning, or the time we vacationed by the beach. What it also does is affects our mood and creates emotions within [...]

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​Do You Know What You Are Spraying In Your Home?

Everyone wants their home to smell fresh and inviting, but not at the expense of your family’s health. Many air fresheners designed for the home contain harmful and harsh chemicals that may smell good but are not good for you. Air fresheners work specifically by becoming airborne, so using ones that are unnatural and chalked full of chemicals does [...]

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Don't Try to Make Something Less By Adding More

Have you ever been making something for dinner and overdo a taste? What is the natural reaction? What you try to do is save it by adding something more. That never does the trick, and by the time you are done, you are dealing with throwing the entire thing out to start over.Air fresheners are similar. When something [...]

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You Can’t Smell Yourself Anymore Than You Can Distinguish The Smell Of Your Home

Remember when you were a kid, and you went to your grandmother’s house? There was always a specific odor, something close to dust if dust had a smell. Each of us has our own scent, literally. Science has shown that the body gives off distinct smells to others that can attract them, repel them, and even tell when we [...]

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As much as I love summer the most, there's something about the onset of fall that's undeniably exciting.  That old back-to-school feeling, a new fall sweater, the return of the crisp cool air all remind me that its almost time to batten down the hatches ... winter is coming!  It's this time of year that [...]

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February 2, 2015 Feeling HUM DRUM and can't seem to shake the winter blahs?Try this... Change the scents that surround you.The brain reacts to certain fragrances, but it also seems moods themselves can be influenced by scents. In one study, people who were exposed to natural plant odors such as herbs and pine were calmer, more alert, [...]

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