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​Signature Spa - Infuse your Home or Office with This Delicate, Earthy Fragrance

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Sitting in a spa, experiencing long hours of continuous delicate scents should be one of the most rewarding, soothing experiences. But on the flipside, they can be expensive and traveled to every time. Now with Signature Spa you don’t have to travel to a spa every time you need to relax into a delightful experience. The complex experience of a Spa can be bottled up and brought into your home, for you to experience it every day, at your whim, without having to spend top dollar, with the new Signature Spa by AP Room Fragrance.

Breathe into the ultimate relaxation experience created by the medley of the divinely exotic notes of white tea infused with the earthy, woody notes of Agarwood and finished off with sparkling fresh citrusy overtones of Bergamot.

White Tea

White tea has been the beverage of Oriental royalty for thousands of years. The delicately sweet yet spicy aroma gives a punch of earthiness. This balanced scent is quite reminiscent of a very subtle herbal tea with a dash of fruity aroma. This fragrance, while rare, is quickly gaining a recognition in the fragrance industry owing to its deliciously sedative qualities.


This delightful fresh, clean, delicate citrusy scent beautifully balances out the headiness of the other two notes. Bringing in a surge of soothing, bright energy that elevates your senses


A rich, mystic earthy overtone that carries with it the powerful silence of the deep woods. A subtle, almost a grazing touch of strength that contradicts beautifully with the delicate hint of white tea and bergamot.

The interplay is warming to the heart and soothing to the senses.

Signature Spa by AP Room Fragrance can bring new serenity into your home.

Bring the experience of a high-end spa into the heart of your home with one spray. Start your day on a tranquil note, wake up to a pampering spa experience at your home every day. Go back home from work to relax and unwind after a heavy day at work. Relax into your bath surrounded by the delicate fragrances. Sleep, like amidst a deep mystic serene forest laden with wild fruits.

Give your office that subtle touch with Signature Spa

Use Signature Spa in your workplace to calm and soothe your nerves while you get through your work. The tone for meetings can be set on a delicate, subtle note for the best outcome.

AP Room fragrances are designed to bring the clean, freshness of nature to where you live, using a high concentration of essential oils that are safe and quality-checked. They have designed a range of delightful scents reminiscent of a deeply relaxing spa right into your home that lingers and lifts your spirits after a long day.

Signature Spa is designed to be heady and uplifting at once, that it can warm your heart and give you a serene pick-me-up for the soul.

A pure and simple alternative to getting lost in the delightful scents of a misty, evergreen rainforest, this gives you an experience of a walk into moss-covered fruity rain-forest on a misty day.

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